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  • The Flavors of India: This is NOT a Guide. It is also not a cookbook. This is India in a nutshell.

    Tastes of India is a book about India that:

    • Disenchants stereotypes and prejudices;
    • Busts the myths;
    • Introduces culture and customs;
    • Helps you prepare for your trip;
    • Describes everyday life in India and the areas of life related to it;
    • Explains the intricacies of history, religion and culture;
    • Interests and stimulates openness;
    • He explores the secrets of local beliefs and traditions;
    • It shows the richness of Indian cuisine

    This book does not include:

    • Generalizing;
    • A colonial view of Indian reality;
    • Duplicating harmful thought patterns;
    • Xenophobia and intolerance;
    • Western sense of superiority.
    The materials for this book have been collected for over 2 years of my life in India and traveling around this country, getting to know and exploring it, comparing private experiences with those present in the literature, investigating the truth and talking with Indians, observing and analyzing, experimenting and getting rid of vaccinated prejudices by mass media. For a long time I felt the need to put it all on paper, and finally it is - a lot of facts, curiosities, experiences, and even my proven recipes for delicious Indian dishes.

    Detailed table of contents:

    1. Indus or Indian? Who are the people of India. - 5
    2. Preparation for the trip. The more you read, the less you know .– 14
    3. At dawn. Milk, Puja and the smell of onions. - 23
    4. Where are you from? That nosy Indus. - 27
    5. Back depilation and head oil. Indian wellness. - 33
    6. Arranged or out of love? Hindu weddings. - 40
    7. You can't do it without a fan. Climate in India. - 52
    8. My Indian flat. From rent to a bucket bath - 62
    9. We're going to the temple. Hinduism in theory and practice. - 74
    10. Hindi? And don't know. How to communicate. - 88
    11. Around India in 60 days. You can't miss these places. - 95
    12. Spicy or very spicy? The real flavors of India. - 134
    13. Light the lamp, eat laddu. Holidays small and big. - 165
    14. I am fasting for my husband's health. Indian women. - 181
    15. Take off your shoes. Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and other beliefs. - 193
    16. I live on the national average. Prices in India. - 214
    17. I'll drink the crack juice and you'll be fine. Ayurveda. - 236
    18. Sometimes I feel like in Saudi Arabia. Islam in India. - 245
    19. Coconut flowerpot? Indian ecology. - 257
    20. Ancient sewer and a lady with a doggy. The Remarkable History of India. - 265
    21. Are they untouchable? The whole truth about Indian castes. - 282
    22. Zanik will buy an apartment. Vastu Shastra for everyone. - 289
    23. Avoid blue. Hindu astrology and numerology. - 295
    24. From shaving your head to the funeral pyre. Rituals of passage. - 321
    25. Don't go, they rape there. Security in India. - 334
    26. In a healthy body, healthy mind. About chakra energy and yoga. - 346
    27. We are going shopping. What's worth buying in India? - 360
    28. Hairdresser, cinema, bazaar. Everyday life in exile. - 375
    29. I read it and watch it. Recommendations in the Indian climate. - 393
    30. Can you tip? Conscious and responsible tourism in India. - 402
    Epilogue - 411 LEGENDS: Churning the Sea of ​​Milk - 22 Ganesha's Elephant Head - 39 The Flood - 73 The Four Heads of Brahma - 213 Female-Male God - 213 Holy Trinity - 244 Ramayana Epic - 288 Kali - 345 Indra's Palace - 374 RECIPES: Masala tea - 13 Natural yoghurt - 32 Paneer cheese - 51 Roti bread - 94 Palak paneer - 180 Paneer bhurji - 264 Khadai chole - 281 Chicken tikka - 294 Dal - 392 Paratha bread - 401

    See the book:

    The Tastes of India book

    About the author:

    Aleksandra Zalewska, MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies, India guide and Asia tour guide. The author of the children's novel "Secrets of Lestoria" and the political fiction "Nirvana". Polish woman living in India since 2019, running a blog, vlog and podcast about this country. Actively involved in disenchanting India by introducing Poles to Indian culture and customs directly on trips and indirectly through social media and other media platforms. Learn more: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aleksandra_zalewska_indie/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atelierpodrozy Podcast: https://anchor.fm/atelierpodrozy Blog: https: // atelierpodrozy. pl / blog / Vlog:https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQEYB1khotXqQZw-sjBQWqLKrxmVotFCg

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